Holy city Amritsar is famous for its spiritual and cultural center named “Golden Temple” which is also known as “Harminder Sahib” which attract more visitors than Tajmahal in India. Although there are lots more attractions to explore in Amritsar but some of them are personally visited by me which I would love to share with you.
The Punjab culture as well as language is really epic. As soon as you enter the Punjab local Dhaba you will be pleased to see the Green farms covering the small shack, the view is more mesmerizing in the early pleasant morning.
The Punjab government recent work in Amritsar is really appreciable, they have done work hard to enhance the beauty of the holy city Amritsar. Devotees like we are really happy to see the development which they have done in such a less time.

You can see the NEW AMRITSAR as soon as you enter the city through a Golden Gate looming over the skyline shaped like the dome of Golden Temple, the holiest of Sikh shrines.

As the pilgrimage progresses, there is a gilded leaf patterned Bus Rapid Transport System (BRTS)
It’s a wonder to see the beauty around the Amritsar especially the stretch from the town hall to Jallianwala Bagh has nothing of the old familiar bustle crowded with rickshaw walas and share autos around. A totally new renovated heritage palace from the architecture of the pink city of Jaipur.

The front courtyard at the Ghanta Ghar entrance of Golden Temple is now a verdant, marbled plaza adoring an impressive heritage ambiance, an array of state of the art facilities has been set up for tourist and pilgrims.
The facades of all buildings are blushing pink in Kota stone tiles and trellis screens and not the least, this also includes the market places and shops selling the “pappar-warhian”, Punjabi juttties, religious artifacts and much more.

It is disbelief for a moment that one is perhaps a trespasser into a cinema studio all painted and unreal waiting for the director to call the shots, even the shopkeeper look like some junior artists who do not know how to play their part and what line to say.

The grimy Dharam Singh market on the Golden Temple road has been turned into pretty pink and right in front is a rectangular block on life-size Bhangra dancers carved out of black marbles are jeering and striking poses, which are picture perfect to be saved In your camera as a lifetime picture.
The new “AVATAR” of the “GOLDEN TEMPLE” definitely going to enhance more of tourists over there.





My second memorable destination in Punjab is the Wagah border, which is 25 km away from Amritsar. It is a border of India and Pakistan.
The best time to visit there is in the evening to see their evening flag ceremony which is really awesome to watch.Being an Indian one should visit the place and feel proud.
It is the only place in the actual LOC which can be visited by civilians without any prior permission.the name is derived from the village of Wagah in Pakistan and Attari in India.

Every day there is a drill performed by the BSF and Pakistan rangers during the border gates are opened with a loud sound created by the civilians from both the sides to make their country proud by repetitive sound of their nation’s name with pride.
The Indian patriotic songs being played in the backdrop and the rhymes of “BHARAT MATA KI JAI” And “HINDUSTAN ZINDABAD” add on to the energy to this place. The ceremony lasts for an hour and it’s a must-see moment for the young generation to create patriotism towards their country.
You must carry a camera to capture all the memories that are unforgettable.

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