If you are keen to observe different cuisine and culture, then Chokhi Dhani Sonipat is the best place for you to explore. Chokhi  Dhani Sonipat is famous for its Rajasthani tradition. It is situated in Delhi-Ambala road and nearly  10kms away from Murthal. It opens at around 5 p.m. in the evening. The entry ticket there is now 700 INR for adults and 300 INR for children.

As soon you enter the Chokhi Dhani Sonipat the essence of village starts with the area made up of mud walls embedded with white paint hand paintings. Some unique sculpture like mud made utensils, Shelves, toy handicrafts, pots,  everything was just adding up the ambiance.That’s me with my little doll and a friend.

They have also arranged the place to sit in front of the wall with comfortable bedding and a stylish round pillow beside you to relax.

Now, after proceeding further you are offered with a delicious welcome drink and as you scroll your eyes around you can able to see various activities out there which you can enjoy with your family and friends. The Best part is you don’t  need to buy extra tickets for most of the activities in there because of most of the activities coupons, meal coupon as well as riding coupons provided by them from outside along with the main ticket at the time of entry.


They have lots of activities like bowling, basketball, a big gong, puppet show, folk dance performance with different props as well as various rides such as horse cart ride, camel cart ride, buffalo ride and the tractor ride.

Some Rajasthani dancers along with their musical instrumental artists used to show their beautiful performances on Rajasthani folk songs. The staff encourages you to be their guest and perform for you. They also invite you to dance with them so we also went there and dance along with them and experiment Rajasthani moves.

They have got “charpais” all around to relax if you get tired and at some of the places they have placed hukka too for photography purpose.That’s my man posing for the photo. It was a treasure to see him in a desi look.

You can also enjoy a tall man with long leg almost 14″ to 16″ long roaming here and there. It was fun to watch him. As the time is short so kept on hopping from one stall to another to cover everything it had to offer.

Meanwhile during your exploration, if you feel hungry then they also serve snacks at the counter for free i.e in return of your pre-given coupon at the time of entry.It might go on changing but we were served with a mouth watering kadi-pakora, tea, chutney, and some delicious pakoras as well as khichda with bhura i.e powdered sugar, It was indeed awesome.

Chokhi Dhani also has swings at multiple places, Ahh…..that reminds me of my childhood memories when I tried to swing higher than my younger sister.

If you are keen on Mehendi and tattoo art then there is a good news, Chokhi Dhani has also got a tattoo and mehndi artists respectively out there that enhance ur skin with amazing designs. That’s my girl tattoo embedded on my neck, loved it.


At last, I and my family felt so hungry so we went for a dinner, they have the separate place for dinner where we have to remove our shoes outside in a shoe stand then the staff outside offer us a clean water to wash our hand before dinner.

Then after we entered the air-conditioned room where they asked us to sit in a traditional style down the floor on a mat along with the “chowki” in front of us where they used to serve the meal with utmost love and dedication. The staff here in Chokhi Dhani is courteous and served the food in a most generous way.

The food served in an authentic Rajasthani style and it’s delicious to eat. The best part is that they forced you to try every delicacy they have to offer like “Mother in law used to serve their son in law at their place with utmost love.”

The amazing food which we had offered by them include:-

Gate ki sabzi, daal bhati churma,  Punjabi Chole, shahi paneer, bajre ki roti with lehsun chutney, paranthas as well as normal roti, lassi and not the least mouth watering jalebi.

After dinner, they also offered their cap to us for the photography.




  • Go with family and friends
  • Best time to visit in winters to enjoy all activities.
  • Try to Wear full hand clothing in summers.


  • Avoid visiting on weekend and rainy season.


If you are craving to spend an evening away from daily hustle-bustle, then CHOKHI DHANI SONIPAT is the right place for you.




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