“A pizza a day keeps the food craving away”

That phrase suits me the most because I am a pizza maniac, Especially a pizza from pizza hut. When you are hungry and supercilious and exotic pizza from pizza hut comes at your door step by a generous man saying – “Ma’am that”s your pizza”.

Ahh, that words just brings you to the top of the world…….

Last night I have ordered an exotic pan pizza from pizza hut, that taste just WOW, lots of veggies like red and green capsicum, baby corn, onion as well as jalapenos on the yumilicious cheese bread.

After having a bite of it,  that I feel like a queen of wonderland who use to order her subordinates that one should bring a coke along, second go and bring serving plates, and order the third one to open the television and I myself just rest on my comfortable and favourite sofa, enjoying her tastilicious pizza with my favourite movie on television and a coke beside and just nobody disturb me until the last bite.

Then suddenly between my dream my husband comes and tap my shoulder and said “Wake up lady and bring serving plates, Coke and yeah don’t forget to open the television while going……:-(

Isn’t that annoying, but yeah that’s my work

But that pizza work as a weak point that makes me forget my anger, Suddenly change my mood and everything just seems as a goody….:-)

Pizza hut offers you much more varieties of pizza which you can’t resist yourself to try. They have got:-

After seeing that yummy thing on the table I just want to grab it whole, but that’s not good to think actually because after all your husband also deserve some who stand beside you and that is the policy that you should share that exotic plate with your hubby and like a good girl,  I have done that….:-p

So that is my pizza story what’s yours ……

Till then bye take care, Meet you with my next yumilicious thoughts…..:-)

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