10 Things Must Carry While Travelling With Your Toddler

10 Things Must Carry While Travelling With Your Toddler

Traveling with your toddler is the most difficult task because you can’t take any risk of forgetting anything which makes your baby suffer so here I make your task easy by guiding you about the 10 essentials that you need for your toddler while traveling.


First utmost thing while traveling with your toddler is the extra diapers because you never know when your baby poops down while traveling so better precautionary element is extra diapers in your carry bag.

After all, it also makes your baby dry throughout the trip


The 2nd important thing is baby wipes because, in the case of lack of water in some places, these wipes help the most ion cleaning baby hands and mouth and yeah sometimes baby poops too.


The 3rd essential thing is baby bibs and that you need while feeding your baby with external food because definitely your baby gonna spread food over her clothes and mouth. so to protect their clothes these tool helps the most.


The 4th important essential is baby food because every baby has an eating cycle. My 9 months doll has an eating cycle off after every one and a half hours so I have to carry food for her.

There are lots more options available for baby food but some of them which are personally followed by me are:-

  1. You can carry soft fruits like banana or Chiku.

2. You can make daliya, oats or khichdi{sweet or salty} according to your baby preference and carry that in a small air tight box.

(Do not forget to bring spoon along because I think the baby is more comfortable with the steel small spoon rather than the plastic one from outside.)

3. You can also carry glucose biscuits as well which can easily be eaten by the toddlers by hand crush.


5TH thing is the small towel or small cloth because sometimes baby reflux food so in order to wash their hand and mouth, you must have that one in your carry bag.

I must suggest that you should carry 2 to 3 small towels along with you.


6TH essential is baby milk bottle or sipper cup (whatever your baby used to have) in your carry bag which they can need at any time while traveling.

Some mothers also carry dry milk and warm water along with them in order to make fresh milk whenever the baby needs, so that is also a good option.


7TH must have thing is extra cloth for baby in the carry bag because the clothes may get spoiled at any time, whether by the food, the poop or if he/she loves to play on the floor so there are lot more chances of that.So to carry an extra clothing is better than feeling helpless.


8TH important thing which I realized by the time is back pack means your carry bag must be a bag pack because you have to carry a baby as well so having a side bag little cumbersome with the babies.

So having a bag pack makes your arm relaxed and you can easily concentrate on your baby.


9TH must have thing is a small cotton sheet in the case to cover your baby while he/she gets to sleep during traveling because sometimes the baby get suddenly wake up due to the sudden change in temperature or cold due to centralized air condition in the flight.

It also makes the baby feel protective while sleeping.

10. A TOY

10TH and the last thing is a small toy or a rattle in your carry bag because as the baby grows, they need something to play with and you never get things to play everywhere so better to carry one with yourself.

You never know when your child gets cranky so it is a good tool to makes them busy for some time.

So these were my 10 essential tools which I always carry with my 9 months old toddler, what are yours………..

Do share your experience too……

Meet you with my next useful blog, till then see ya…..



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