(A famous song of Shirdi sai baba which comes to my mind when I visited shirdi)

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple is the holistic place, It is famously known as the home of the late  19th-century saint Shri Sai Baba. It is placed at the Shirdi Nagar Panchayat, Located in Rahata Taluka in Ahmed Nagar.

Shirdi is called the land of Shri Sai, Long time ago at the beginning of 18th century, A young bearded man (Shirdi Sai Baba) with sparkling eyes took shelter in a mosque in Shirdi village of Maharashtra. Nobody knew from where that stranger had come from who hardly spoke a word and stayed there.


Dwarka Mai is situated in Shirdi itself.Earlier it was an old mosque in a very dilapidated situation but Shirdi Sai Baba turned that place into Dwarka Mai where they used to listen to problems, Cure sickness, and worries of their shrines. It is situated on the right of the Samadhi Mandir. It has been said that there Sai Baba had spent the end of their life.

The first level of Dwarka Mai has the portrait of Shirdi Sai Baba and a big stone where Babaji used to sit. This level has two rooms, one contains the chariot and other contains the palki of the Shirdi Sai Baba just in front of the room where the chariot is kept, there is a small Temple where a saffron flag fly over it.

The second level of Dwarka Mai has a square stool made of stone which Baba used for taking a bath. The main attraction of this place is the oil painting of Shirdi Sai Baba in a carved wooden shrine. The second level also has a grinding stone and the wooden vessel called ‘kolamba’ in which Baba used to keep bhiksha brought from the village.

Babaji made Dwarka Mai symbolises that “GOD IS ONE”.


During those days Shirdi Sai Baba after he has returned from begging round used to feel tired and rested under a neem tree. One branch of the neem tree used to go one way and that branch only used to give him all shades from the sun.

Later when the choultry was built, he used to take rest there. From where he used to see the neem tree and say “For so long you gave me cool shade and help me relieve my exhaustion, I’m ever grateful to you, let you be ever sweet.”

so only the leaves of that branch a re sweet in taste, even of this day. Leaves of other branches are bitter.

So that’s all my amazing experience of my visit to Shirdi Sai Baba Temple.

Will meet you with my other stunning experiences, till then stay tuned to

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